4 Misconceptions of Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are flexible workers that are becoming essential business workers. Aside from the relatively cheaper upkeep than having an in-house employee, virtual assistants can handle multiple projects and workloads. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about virtual assistants and their line of work. We’ll be busting some virtual assistant myths and misconceptions that worry most people.

1. Virtual assistants are too expensive

virtual-businessFalse. Virtual assistants are not your employees, rather, they are your business partners. This means you don’t have to cover their vacation leaves, Christmas bonuses, insurance, and other benefits that a regular employee may receive. Sure, some virtual assistants may have a costly per hour rate, but if you compare it to the usual money you spend on office supplies and equipment, you will save a lot. Aside from that, VAs with pricey fees are usually the proven and tested ones, who will offer you services that you usually get from hiring two to three in-house employees. There are also virtual assistants with more affordable rates, but they are usually inexperienced and new professionals. Don’t fret—virtual assistants are fast learners and you will definitely still get good results.

2. Virtual assistants can’t be trusted

False. Some of the tasks a virtual assistant has to do need confidential information like passwords for emails or credit card numbers to purchase items for your business. Although it’s understandable that an employer may have qualms and hesitations before giving private information, there are ways to guarantee that you are in safe hands. You can have your virtual assistant sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or research for a virtual assistant with a good track record.

3. Virtual assistants only do administrative work

False. Although virtual assistants can do administrative work, they also have a variety of useful skills that are relevant to your business. Some VAs specialize in graphic design, real estate, and even business management! This will vary with the amount of experience your VA has, and usually, their rates increase with each skill they have.

4. Virtual assistants don’t get the job done as quickly as regular employees do.

False. Just because virtual assistants may be from a different state or country doesn’t mean that they’ll cause a backlog. In fact, since most virtual assistants have flexible working hours, you will usually get more work done. Usually, this myth comes along with the problems of language barriers, miscommunication, and inexperience. But if you take the time to train your virtual assistant the ropes of your company like you would to any regular employee, then you have a strong asset in your arsenal.



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