In this modern day and age, computers are an essential part of our day to day lives . They are used everywhere- from sending text messages to getting us around town. There’s no denying that the world as we know it is dependent on computer technology and applications.

This is where we come in.  Skills USA is a student organization located  at the proud state of Virginia. What started out as catering to the needs of career and technical occupations of Virginia’s high school and community college students has expanded into taking in students across the globe who are interested about computers.

We aim to help students harness their potential by empowering them and teaching them lessons that are essential to create and maintain a career. By helping them build their self-esteem, and provide a network that may be useful for their career choices, we envision our students to be independent and productive global citizens.

Students can choose from two action driven education programs. The Professional Development Program is organized, relevant, and individualized, while the Employability Skills Packages are visual, teacher prepared, and motivational.

Whatever program you will get yourself into, Skills USA can help you  connect to businesses, become community oriented. We help our students to be seen and heard—whether it’s in the news or in legislations and businesses.

We’re not only good for students; we’re perfect for educators too! Skills USA creates an atmosphere of ownership for the teacher. Since we help recruit quality students, teachers are less likely to discipline them. We help our teachers not only impart learning to their students, but also to help them to be proud of their students .

We have a proud and active alumni association, and we have twelve strong districts that are running their own independent operations. Aside from that, we are the State of Virginia’s eighth largest association.

Hone your skills. Be great. Choose VA Skills USA.