Business in Social Media

If you’ve noticed posts of various companies on your Facebook or Twitter feed, you must be wondering why businesses are willing in to invest in ad space for these platforms. Most of these ads have become similar to TV commercials in terms of entertainment value and rarity—they’re pretty much everywhere.

So why do businesses spend real cash on social media posts and accounts?

Here are five main reasons why:

1. It increases brand familiarity. Whenever you scroll down through your Twitter feed, a post from some company you’ve never heard of appears. Whether it’s been retweeted by someone you’re following or it is a promoted post, you are already exposed to the brand name. This increases the chance for a potential customer to recall the brand when getting a certain service or product.

social-media_012. It can Reach your desired Target Audience With Facebook ads. You can easily control which users get to view your ads. Whether it’s by gender, location, or age, you can customize your audience to get a large reach. This is also useful when you find that your reach will encompass reaches a different audience.

3. It improves customer service. Somebody comments on your Facebook post about the poor product quality. An irate customer complaints about your slow service on Twitter. With these situations, you can choose to ignore them or respond immediately with your social media accounts. By catching problems early on, you will avoid getting backlash from netizens who are quick to fan the fires of negative press.

4. It can Result in Better Search Engine Rankings. The more social media accounts you have, the more reliable your brand appears to search engines like Bing and Google. If you want to show your customers how reliable and legitimate your brand is, then create and maintain your social media accounts.

5. It generates more sales. This is arguably the most important reason why businesses create social media accounts. It’s a much cheaper alternative to TV commercials, and the payoff is good. 70% of marketers acquired customers from Facebook ads. That’s a large amount of the investment is only a fraction of what most companies would spend on a TV commercial.

social-media_02Getting started in social media marketing will only require one to have a social media account and an idea on how to work a good advertisement. Although most start-ups will do it themselves, larger companies tend to outsource for social media specialists to help them. Virtual assistants are hired to do this kind of work; they have to manage a page and help bring traffic to the site. This requires a virtual assistant to have a significant amount of knowledge in graphic design, marketing, and good personal relation skills.

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