How to Market a Food Delivery Service Online?

Technology has made it easier to increase your restaurant sales and carry out the delivery of items. There are also third-party delivery services that are emerging regionally and nationally. This is to help ease the burden of restaurant services in delivering. Examples of delivery services are Grub Hub Seamless, Sun Basket Review & 50% off Coupon Code, Postmate, and Dashed. Below is how to market a delivery service online.

Setting up a Delivery System

When starting a delivery service, proceed cautiously. Begin by delivering to your immediate neighborhood. Start with one meal, for example, lunch, only before proceeding to other meals like breakfast and dinner depending on your restaurant cuisine. Consider also the type of food when delivering. Some foods like Mac and cheese are much easier to deliver as compared to coffee.

There are a few concerns regarding deliveries and carry out orders such as:

  • The customer should receive the food when it’s hot.
  • The food should be packaged safely.
  • Having secured food in a delivery vehicle.
  • Ordering options being clear to avoid incorrect orders.
  • Available condiments like napkins and tableware present.
  • Extra staff to handle the increased sales.

Marketing Deliveries and Carryout

Marketing builds the foundation for your business. Marketing does not have to be expensive. You can begin by distributing flyers in your neighborhood and to nearby offices. Other methods of marketing are:

  • Using your website
  • Attaching a copy of your menu in all your deliveries and carry out orders
  • Advertising in local bulletin boards
  • Using signage for in-house marketing
  • Take orders over the internet.
  • Buy ads in local directories, newspapers and yellow pages.
  • Market to digital platforms and other local media that issue press releases.

Marketing Through Packaging

Avoid spillage as much as possible. You can wrap the order in a plastic wrap or using foil paper. Heated and chilled containers are also available for maintaining the required temperature. To stabilize containers carrying liquids, use compartment trays or cardboard inserts. Include your restaurant’s contact information, logo, and address in your packaging as a form of free advertisement. The packages should be easy to store and freezable or reheatable depending on your customer’s preferences

Increasing Carry Out Orders

Technology has the ability to make your home meal delivery much easier.  You can set up different ordering options on your website. There are also third-party ordering systems that will help you reach your customers.

Train your Drivers

Drivers are the physical representation of your company out there. It is, therefore, important to have a discussion with them about customer perceptions. It is impossible to predict the perceptions of people. Some customers will think that having a slow and cautious motorist is a traffic hazard while others might see it as a courtesy. If people do not like your drivers, they might take out their frustration on the target by complaining.


Marketing a food delivery service online is quite easy. Follow the tips above and your customers will be able to enjoy a home meal delivery service in no time.

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