How To Use Tote Bags To Promote Your Business

If utilized appropriately, custom tote bags Canada can prove to be one of the easiest, most cost-effective and most efficient marketing techniques. Creating brand awareness can be a daunting process more so if the approach has no measurable means. Custom tote bags provide a vibrant approach given that you can customize them to hold enough information while trying numerous creative designs for varying target groups.

There are various ways you can promote your business using custom tote bags, and below is a look at five of the most straightforward and practical methods.

Trade Fairs

By attending a trade fair and displaying what your business offers, you are already promoting your business. However, you can take it a notch higher by offering freebies. Most businesses make the mistake of providing freebies that are of little to no use, meaning that their efforts are less likely to provide valuable ROI.

With custom tote bags, however, you can be assured of a good start. People need the bags to pack freebies they go around collecting. By ensuring that your custom tote bags are reusable and exquisitely designed, people will love them and take them home for future use. From there, they can use it for varying chores including going to the shopping mall with it, consequently spreading your brand.

Employees’ Gifts

Employees are the most valuable asset a business can have. A motivated employee is a reliable brand ambassador. Giving your employee custom tote bags is a sure way of promoting your business. Since they know your brand well, they are likely to provide useful information, for instance, when someone spots them using the bag and inquires more about the business.

Retail Sales and Gifts

The retail sector is the best fit for the approach. People are becoming environmentally conscious. As such, offering alternatives that preserve the environment is readily welcomed. Selling custom tote bags at discounted prices while customers shop in your store is a method that not only promotes your brand but also brings in extra funds to cater for the production costs. You can also give the bags to your loyal clients as a way of appreciating their business. Such customers will willingly and frequently use your custom tote bags elsewhere and promote your business.


Conferences provide a ready client base. Most of the attendants are looking for more information, connections and sponsors. Offering your custom tote bags at such events, along with other valuable freebies, is a brilliant business promotion technique.

Charitable Events

Charitable events bring together masses from different walks of life. This is another excellent chance for you to offer custom tote bags or even bring your contributions packaged in your branded tote bags. People will notice your efforts and appreciate what your brand is doing to the society. As such, they will want to be associated with your business. This is one of the most efficient ways of connecting with society, keeping in mind that the society provides the cheapest and most effective marketing platform.

Creating long-lasting brand awareness takes time. As you indulge in custom tote bags approach as a way of promoting your business, be patient, try different designs, and ensure that the bags are environmentally friendly.

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