How Virtual Assistants Can Get More Clients Though Instagram

Instagram is a very useful platform for virtual assistants. You can offer your specialized services to potential services, attract visitors to your website, share information and knowledge with fellow virtual assistants and connect with new acquaintances. In this article, we highlight ways in which a virtual assistant can utilize Instagram, or possibly InstaPort, to further their careers.

Understand the nature of your Ideal client

Before any virtual assistant ventures into social media marketing on Instagram or other existing forms of social media, it is essential that one understands the characteristics of the ideal clients to identify them better. This enables the marketing process to be performed effectively and enables the virtual assistant to generate content that suits the target clientele.

Compose an attractive bio

Since Instagram does not allocate a lot of space for the creation of a bio, it is wise to give a brief outline that focuses on your skills. An instance is given below whereby a virtual assistant has provided a brief and pleasant bio that explains her strengths. An effective bio should express briefly your personality and areas of specialization.

Upload photos that trigger discussions

To grab the attention of the public on Instagram, it is necessary to upload photos that are noticeable. These pictures might be about the daily activities at the workplace or your personal domestic life and inspirational quotes. You can create your own photos, but if you don’t have the time or photographic expertise needed, there are services that you can outsource from freelancers or agencies.

Use Smart Hashtags

The widespread use of hashtags on Instagram makes it a valuable method of locating a service on the platform. However, as one composes a hashtag, it is important to consider the theme of the message being sent to the audience. A hashtag that is irrelevant to the photo it accompanies might alienate potential clients. For example, the hashtag #web design follows the photograph of a child soldier. Some recommended hashtags for VAs include #businessladies, #virtualassistance and #virtual assistant.

Choose hashtags related to the business

It is advantageous to select a hashtag that insinuates the type of service that you are offering. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you might use the hashtag #graphicdesign or if you create unique applications for Android devices you might use the hashtag #apklove. This will allow potential customers to easily discover your business if they stumble upon your images after following the hashtag.

Socialize with Instagram users

It is wise to interact with people who have taken interest in your profile on Instagram instead of only seeking validation on the platform. Consequently, one should leave cheerful remarks on the photos of other users to cultivate relationships with future clients. Furthermore, one should interact with fellow VAs, brands and potential customers as they might also recommend your services to other interested parties.

Instagram is a great way to network and to expand your career in the virtual assistant field. Although there are things you have to consider like hacking and Instagram account security, overall, Instagram is a great platform to seize amazing opportunities around.

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