Kratom As A Business

Kratom As A Business: Is It Legal?

Kratom is a type of psychoactive drug that is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, a species of a coffee plant. The government of the US is yet to give a decision about the legality of Kratom. From everyone I have tested, Coastline is the best kratom vendor out there. The Food and Drug Administration wants it banned by making it a Schedule1 drug. They claim Kratom is a dangerous opioid like heroin or ecstasy. However, the research on Kratom is not enough to confirm whether it is dangerous or not, given the number of health benefits it provides to users.

The researchers at the DEA are currently analyzing the components of Kratom. There are two ingredients that make up Kratom. The DEA can rule to ban both components nationwide. They can also choose to ban one component and make the other potentially available as a medicine.

Kratom is legal for a business in most states. It is sold as a whole plant and is usually used as a supplement. The drug is highly anticipated by scientists who are curious about the drug and would like to learn more about it and advocates who claim that the drug changed their lives.

One scientist, in particular, Scot Hemby, a professor at North Carolina’s High Point University, conducted a study that is one of a kind. He analyzed how the two components of Kratom affected the behavior of rats. His experiment showed that the plant could indeed offer therapeutic benefits to people struggling in addiction. The scientist said that he is at the precipice of something great and wishes he could have more time before the ruling is made. The ruling of the government could make analyzing the ingredients of the drug even harder than it currently is.

Is Kratom Good Or Bad?

Kratom advocates claim that the drug has indeed helped them with their addiction to opioid painkillers. Bryce Avey said that he put Kratom in his tea every day to help him stop using opioid after his wrist surgery.

The FDA and the DEA have previously tried to ban Kratom for business. In 2016, they faced a backlash from Kratom advocates when they attempted to ban the drug and ended up stopping the ban. In 2017, the FDA studied the two main components of Kratom, analyzed them, and later recommended a ban on both of them. The recommendation was sent to the DEA and the decision is yet to be announced.

The Yin And Yang Of Kratom

Kratom has two major compounds: mitragynine (MG) and 7 hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). MG has a therapeutic effect while HMG is potentially harmful. There is about 30 times more MG than HMG in Kratom.

In Hemby’s study, he analyzed how the two compounds affect the brain. He gave the rats the chance to self-administer the drug by pushing a dial. The rats took advantage of administering HMG to themselves and were uninterested in MG. Even after increasing the dose of MG several times, they still preferred HMG.

This study showed that one compound of Kratom was addictive while the other had an opposite effect. People turning to Kratom for relief from opioid addiction can indeed stand a chance to get treatment. However, the decision is still unknown on whether kratom should be legalized for business or not.

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