Misconception on Cannabis: A School Employee Misled to Use CBD Tincture Still Pass the Drug Test

Jeff Anderson never thought that after 20 years since he first smoked pot, he would fail a drug test and lose his job in the process.

Anderson, 62, used to be a bus driver for the Beaverton School District. He had been driving their bus for almost 18 years. He never thought that he would lose his job until he started taking a hemp tincture for his chronic pains due to psoriatic arthritis.

He was very happy to be pain-free for months due to its active ingredient, cannabidiol, which is also found in CBD oils and other CBD products. One of the best things about this cannabis compound is that it does not produce the psychoactive high of THC.

When Anderson visited a marijuana shop in Beaverton, he was assured that the tincture’s THC level would not be detected by any test. However, when he was urine-tested, he came out positive. His THC levels were five times higher than the usual threshold. Because of this incident, Anderson was forced to retire early. His life has not been easy since then.

Anderson did not only lose his job but he had also lost his health insurance and a main source of income. He felt he was wronged by the company because of their claims.

With this, some experts started to investigate further. The CBD tincture that Anderson used contains a small amount of THC which amounts to 20 milligrams of CBD Indica Tincture. He had been using this tincture three times a day for the last three months. It was possible that the THC level had built up over the past three months.

This story is an example of the misconception of CBD throughout history. In some states, weed can be a common medicine for several diseases. However, many employers continue to ostracize them to keep them off their payrolls. Cannabis sellers always assured their customers that CBD products will not be detected in a drug test. However, CBD products like CBD oil still contains a small amount of THC. A drug test can only detect the amount of THC in the body, it cannot distinguish whether a person has smoked weed at some time or when a person has a THC build-up due to health reasons.

Several states in the USA have allowed recreational cannabis to be legalized. However, some budtenders in the country do not recommend CBD products even for medical purposes because of the random drug test that is often done by employers.

With Anderson’s story, several labor unions have left a warning to the cannabis sellers as well as employers. Kim Bonner, Andersons’s representative during his hearing with the district for Oregon School Employees Association, wrote an article and published it in her February newsletter entitled “Buyer Beware.”

Bonner emphasized that Anderson was misled by the seller. She believed that people are unaware that cannabis contains THC levels. Though the THC level is low, the daily dosage of it can a build-up, making the THC level to go up.

The benefits that can be derived from using CBD and related products can be enjoyed by a lot of people in different sectors. Whether involved in sports, working at home like virtual assistants, or in an office, it is true that CBD can potentially enhance your performance. However, caution must be taken by consulting a medical practitioner prior to using it.

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