Offences for Teachers

Punishable Offences for Teachers

If you are a veteran teacher, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the common punishable offenses that could cost you your job. You must be ready if your school asks for a comprehensive background report to verify your criminal background (if exists). Here is a list of some punishable offenses for teachers:

Lack of Respect for Students

The law requires for every student to be treated with respect irrespective of the culture or religion. However, these two factors together with age and gender should also be considered when the teacher is handling any student. For instance, it is a bad idea to humiliate your students as this can make them upset or feel less confident.

As a teacher, you should create a meaningful outside relationship with your students and respect their consent. However, this does not mean getting involved in any sexual relationship with them.

Going Beyond the Limits Comes to Discipline

It is fine to discipline the students in order to help improve their productivity in the classroom. A teacher is also tasked with the responsibility of disciplining their students if their behavior is affecting their learning or harmony in the class.

However, there are limits on what grounds a teacher can discipline their students. In fact, the law provides a boundary line based on the jurisdiction of the teacher and the case at hand.

Negligent Student Supervision

The teacher has a duty to supervise their students. However, the law does not call for negligent supervision which is likely to affect the mental harmony of the students and even cause serious problems in the future.

Therefore, when supervising, teachers need to be extra careful to ensure that they do not offend or hurt the feelings of their students.

Interfering with Students Privacy

This is the other punishable offense for teachers. Basically, teachers have access to a lot of information concerning their students. This can be information regarding their studies and also very personal information about their lives. Hence, the law requires teachers and the school at large to keep this information private and not share it publicly without their consent or that of their parents.

Thus, it is an illegal thing for a teacher to disclose private information about their student without consent.  An exception to this rule is when the students are being mistreated or going through domestic violence. In such a scenario, the teacher can share their personal information in order to get help for them.

Forceful Punishments

It is very legal for teachers to give fair punishments to their students when they commit offenses like attending lessons late, bad behavior, and scoring low in tests. However, it is illegal for teachers to give forceful punishments that cross the limit.

For instance, if a student is a constant noise maker, the teacher has a legal right to keep them in detention after school or during the weekdays. Also, if a pupil is listening to a music player which is illegal to carry in school, it is the right of the teacher to confiscate the player and returning it at the end of the day. However, it would not be appropriate for the teacher to destroy or damage it.


The above things are punishable offenses that every teacher should avoid. As a teacher, engaging in any of these activities will create problems for you and it will be difficult to enjoy your profession. That is why it is important for schools to acquire the services of background check services to assure the parents and students that they’re getting quality education.

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