Tips on Properly Marketing Your VA Business

The internet age has definitely changed the workspace landscape. Today, many people can immediately “hire” other people to do various things in the comfort of their home. Virtual assistants (VA), as they are called, are people who have consented to offer services through digital means in exchange for a fee – which is roughly the same as an ordinary employee’s salary if one does the work full time. Such services include administrative, promotional, and/or technical services rendered remotely from a remote “office”.

As PracticeBloom’s medspa marketing programs will tell you, finding the right VAs may take skill and dedication as trust must develop between the employer and the VA. The internet age has allowed various forms of non-traditional promotion and advertising to flourish. However, one’s skill in building networks, rapport, and interpersonal trust is a key factor one must consider in marketing your VA business. The following are useful tips in marketing your VA business:

Clearly Describe the Scope of Your Business

People want concise and easy-to-read descriptions on what you have to offer. Instead of long, winding paragraphs, consider building infographics listing the services your business offers.

Use Social Media and Blogs

Social media is an effective way to make your business known. If you have a website, your social media presence should focus on enticing your target market to visit your website and generate traffic on it. Not only that. You should also engage with other users and keep an eye out on potential competitors and try to adapt the way people get engaged with social media posts (i.e. use witty videos or graphics.)

Blogs can also be tapped to introduce your business especially to those who use less social media and instead focus more on searching for websites. To make your business more “Google-friendly”, SEO marketing skills must be used. SEO marketing focuses on showing your website in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Run Facebook Ads

While building a social media presence may be very easy, having engaged subscribers/followers is another matter that must be taken care of. Your ads must be crafted and specifically targeted to your potential customers. As of writing, Facebook has a feature wherein your advertisement can be precisely targeted to people of a certain age group, gender, and interests (manifested through the pages they like).

In line with this, try targeting unemployed folks, those who are in freelance Facebook groups, freshly graduated students, and the like. You can also schedule your post, allowing it to show up at the newsfeed of your target audience at a time many of them would be on Facebook.

Offline Networking

Your effort in building up your business should not stop at online activities. Go outside, meet up with old friends, make new friends, visit your relatives, and ask them to support your new businesses. Who knows, your potential VAs might be your recently unemployed friend, your struggling relative, or your former colleagues at work or school. Try introducing your business naturally, then if the other party seems interested, start promoting it.

Arrange Meetings

This should be emphasized. Your potential VAs, whether it’s an applicant or just someone who asked for more information through email or social media, should be given satisfactory answers to their queries. Your aim is to stay on their radar to further fuel their interest. Make time for it; probably meeting two people in a week (either personally or through video conferencing like Skype) is a satisfactory benchmark. Have coffee with them, and make them comfortable with your presence.

Overall, these tips are helpful, but it is up to you to use them accordingly that will fit the demands of your VA business.

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