Websites for Finding Virtual Assistant Jobs

online_job_searchYou’ve probably read about virtual assistants and have decided that you want to be one. You have spent time researching on tips to make it in the virtual assistant business and have invested in some VA artillery. The only thing left for you to do is find a client.

Seeing that the virtual assistant business is a competitive one, one must advertise themselves efficiently. Not only does this encompass how you market yourself, but also where. Clients will most likely search for virtual assistants online, so keep your online profile clean and post a listing on a job website. We’ve come up with five websites that are best for aspiring virtual assistants.

1.Guru is a site where one can either post a job offer or offer their services for free. It has a very organized system and lets you keep track on your jobs and listings. Not only does it give you free ad space, you’re also offered daily Job Matches to help you find work opportunities. You’re also guaranteed a legitimate pay for your hard work with their SafePay system.

2. UpWork Elance and oDesk were two separate advertising websites but were noted to be quite similar in their system. Eventually, the two merged in 2013 and is now known as UpWork. UpWork provides Payment Protection, protecting clients from bogus freelancers and ensuring freelancers their pay. Signing up and posting a listing are free, but premium memberships and subscription services will cost you a fee.malaysia-jobs

3. Freelancer In Freelancer, aspiring virtual assistants can choose to set a fixed rate or ‘bid’ for job offerings. In bidding, the lowest fee wins the job. Although you are guaranteed that you’re getting pay for your work, be wary. You may be getting cheap pay for quality work.

4. VA Networking A website for virtual assistants, VA Networking not only helps virtual assistants find job listings, it also gives aspiring virtual assistants tips and allows them to communicate with their peers through their online forums. Membership is free but a paid membership is also available to access exclusive content.

5. Craigslist Although Craigslist has had its fair share of negative publicity for their shady advertisements, it’s still an effective place to find work or be found for a project. Posting your ad is free, however, proceed with caution. There is no escrow service to guarantee that your payment is secure.

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